2017 is a year of new beginnings here at DPC. We are welcoming a new lead pastor, as well as transitioning some of our staff members into roles best suited to their giftings. Gabby Hrit, who has been our Administrator since June 2013 and our Youth Director/Admin since May 2014, will be moving out of the office beginning January 1, 2017 to focus on DPC's Youth Ministry. Intern Isaac Coston, who has been an intern on staff since July 2015, will be stepping into Gabby's role as our Interim Administrator beginning in 2017. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses our staff members in the upcoming year, and ask that you would pause and pray for them as you have time.

john picture.jpg

John Lloyd - Lead Pastor
We are pleased to welcome John Lloyd as our new lead pastor at Dolores Park Church.  Pastor John has served in ministry for many years as a missionary and pastor, most recently as lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Massachusetts for the past twelve years. He is known to weave golf tips and various oldies into his messages.  Enjoying a good cup of coffee and conversation is one of his favorite past times.  He and his wife Anne love spending time with their children and new granddaughter Evelyn.  He has an earned doctorate in pastoral ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Traveling and ministry have brought him to forty-eight countries.  He really loves ‘Bible Time’ and when people fall in love with Jesus!  He is excited to serve alongside the wonderful team and members at Dolores Park Church.  

Gabby Hrit - Youth Director
Gabby is an avid athlete who enjoys playing pretty much any sport (as long as its not bowling because she's really terrible at it). An SF native, her favorite thing to do is have conversations with teens about Jesus and watch them get closer to Him. In her spare time she likes reading and studying theology, working out, and marathoning the show The X-Files with her husband Joel. Also, if she finds something delicious on a menu in a restaurant, she'll never order anything else again.


Isaac Coston - Interim Administrator
Isaac enjoys playing the best sport ever: baseball. While he loves being active, he wouldn't say no to a night of nerdiness playing videogames (with a special affinity for Halo). His hobbies include making coffee, getting stuff for the staff from the other building, cleaning the van and putting away the sound gear. Isaac considers music to be his specialty, and you can often catch him playing piano or drums on our worship team Sunday mornings. As an avid food eater, he will munch on all kinds of food (just make sure you tell him what's in it!) and firmly believes that burgers and fries are the best way to go. He's excited about this position and the growth and learning that he'll experience as God takes his gifts and uses them for His glory.

Reed Porter - Property Manager
Reed Porter is a native San Franciscan who has been uprooted and transplanted numerous times. Tri-coastal and cosmopolitan, he is pretty much at home wherever he happens to find himself. If not listening to his newlywed wife singing opera, he can probably be found riding his bike to Ocean Beach, or travelling to distant, exotic lands in search of shopping bargains. He likes bluegrass and jazz, and Oreo Cookies which he never eats because they're nutritionally empty and bad for him. In addition to being a master barbeque chef, he has recently discovered a passion and talent for making gravy.