At DPC we love scripture. Our youth ministry reflects this, too. We read scripture so we can draw closer to Jesus and reflect His love to those around us. Studying the Bible verse by verse means we get to slow down and soak in the words God has given to His people, and then go do something with them. January 2017 we are beginning The Gospel of Luke at DpYouth. Below is some information about what we're studying. Feel free to check it out and hopefully it'll help to keep you up to date if you miss a week!

The gospel of Luke was written by a guy named, you guessed it, Luke! A doctor by trade, he was commissioned by a man named Theophilus to create a detailed report of the life of Jesus about sixty years after his death and resurrection. So Luke went around gathering information and researching. The book of Luke is actually the first part of the Book of Acts, which is all about the early church. The word "gospel" means "good news", and the story of Jesus coming to earth to rescue His people from sin and death is definitely good news. 

Luke is an amazing storyteller, and his twenty four chapters hook you in and emphasize the importance of the heart rather than external, showy religion and living through a worldview that places truth above all else. He applies it to life in incredibly practical ways with topics ranging from money to fame to justice. Luke introduces Jesus to us as a humble infant king and we follow the narrative through to its climax at the cross where the king sheds his blood for humanity. We are humbly approaching this book with our hearts open and ready to draw closer to our Creator. Join us Friday nights at 7!

Click here to watch an informative video about the themes seen in Luke chapters 1-9. Click here for chapters 10-24.