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DpYouth Purpose Statement

The goal of DpYouth is to reflect the love of Jesus to teenagers so that He can redeem them to live for the glory of God in their communities as they mature in faith and boldly proclaim the gospel.

Here at DPC, we believe that youth are not just the future of the church, they are the church now! Our goal as leaders is to love, serve, and guide our students as we pray that Jesus leads them into faith. Our ministry is comprised of about 10 students from San Francisco and the Bay Area. We gather on Fridays from 7-10pm. Every meeting involves a time to hang out and catch up on each other's week, and a lesson straight from the Bible. Sometimes we order pizza. (Real pizza. Not Pizza Hut.) Our goal as a group is to get closer to Jesus so we can love and serve those around us for real.

We meet at 65 Dorland in San Francisco. Everyone is always welcome and we would love to see you sometime! We also give rides home when we're able to, so let us know what part of the city or surrounding Bay Area you live in and we can probably get you back home in our youth van. Just email Gabby if you'd like a ride at gmhrit@dpyouth.org

Come To Youth Group

high school & middle school (grades 6-12) - FRIDAY NIGHTS 7-10

Showing up @ youth group
Our youth group meets @ 65 Dorland in San Francisco. click here for a map. The building kinda looks like a house with large doors. There is a metal door box to the right of those doors. Dial #305 and someone will buzz you in. Walk right in take the elevator to the 3rd floor. 


1 Peter 3:15 tells us to always be prepared to give a defense for what we believe. We believe that one of those tools should be facts. We are looking into the facts and the history that help solidify our faith as a reasonable and logical choice to put faith in. 

Who is our youth leader?


Evan Rogers - Church Administrator / Interim Youth Director
Evan is a good old southern boy from Tennessee with a long list of previous addresses. Previously a missionary Evan now focuses his passion for God into local ministries and evangelism.  His heart is to simply see the kingdom of God here on earth. He is newly married and new to the city. Both he and his wife love to discover new things from local spots, to good grub, and even a sweet hiking trail.  Likewise they both love Bible topics and theology discussions so feel free to talk to them about what you recently read. Please say hello and let them get to know you.