Beginning Sunday, March 5th, we will be holding a 13-week evangelism training course for grades 6-12. It will be held in the youth room on the 3rd floor of 65 Dorland St from 9-10am and we will have doughnuts to wake up sleepy brains! This course will be built around youth ministry veteran Greg Stier's Dare2Share ministry tools, specifically their 13 worldview trainings. We will go through practical exercises to get teens familiar and comfortable with having conversations with their unbelieving peers. Each week will focus on a different worldview and how to speak the truth in love to each. They will range from Atheism, Agnosticism, Hinduism, to Deism and more. There will be a prize at the end of the 13 weeks for the student with the best attendance record. For more info, contact Gabby at We are excited to equip our students to share the love and truth of Jesus with their peers. Please pray for our leadership and youth as we embark on this training endeavor!

Greg Stier's Introductory Video on Relational Evangelism.

Below is a schedule of our meetings:

March 5: Evangelism Intro (Do Not Miss!!!)
March 12: Deism
March 19: Atheism
March 26: Agnosticism
April 2: New Ageism
April 9: Mormanism
No class April 16 (Easter)
No class April 23 (Gabby gone)
April 30: Islam
May 7: Hinduism
No class May 14 (Mother's Day. Go hang out with your mom)
May 21: Buddhism
May 28: Religiosity
June 4: Judaism
June 11: Satanism
No class June 18 (Father's Day. Go hang out with your dad)
June 25: Wiccaa
July 2: Jehovah's Witness